Alice In Lesboland.

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ms-tina-porter-deactivated20120 asked: Hey Al, We've named them Charlie and Alfie.

Aw!!! Thats adorable, I bet they are amazing just like Angie.

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ms-tina-porter-deactivated20120 asked: Hey Alice, we are waiting for some results of test, but she's not well at all the babies aren't well either. we don't know what's going on and we are so scared.

Oh my god, you needa find out whats wrong, now im worried.

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ms-tina-porter-deactivated20120 asked: Angie keeps giggling and then sneezing mid giggle

Its sad shes sick but that sounds adorable haha.

ms-tina-porter-deactivated20120 asked: I am okay thanks Al, Angie has another cold and Bette and I are finally getting along better. so hopefully positive things ahead

Keep a postitive attitude haha, and really poor Angie.

ms-tina-porter-deactivated20120 asked: Hey Al How are you?

Hey T, I’m fine just a little stressed just finished the last of my Chart stuff how about you?

mollykroll-deactivated20120930 asked: it is tonight :) Carmen made a post about it?

I probably missed it, Im kinda caught up in some stuff for the Chart.